Sam Farao -

Serial entrepreneur, art collector, and blockchain enthusiast based in Dubai, UAE.


His entire life, Sam has looked for the opportunity. Capitalised on what some might consider drawbacks; leveraged shortcomings into superpowers. And become an internationally recognized entrepreneur along the way.

Being a first-generation Iranian immigrant in a posh suburb of Oslo was far from easy. But then again, easy isn't really Sam’s thing. And coming to terms with being an outsider during his formative years has only benefited him since.

Like when he started a drop shipping company in high school that he scaled so successfully he could drop out. Or bypassed the SEO playbook rules and established companies Netpixel Media and Captana that generated $3 million of affiliate marketing revenue in just a few years.

Whatever he's doing, Sam has been able to establish himself as the leading player through grit, innovation, and long-term perspective. He knows that unfamiliar territory is where he's at his best; where his ideation thrives. And so he seeks it out, fearlessly.

Today Sam runs several successful startups and companies out of Oslo, with his finger on the innovation pulse from Dubai to L.A. His number one focus in it all? Revolutionising and harnessing entrepreneurial opportunity.

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